Nature's Vibration

You talk of nature's vibration

Why isn't it clear
the shifting sands are
buried by violent waves

Never to become
part of nature's vibration

Nature's path remains
cleared only by it's light

When we open our eyes



Simio and Willow

Simi likes a comfy lap,
when curling up.
He likes a soft belly
for his head to rest,
and a chest
to possess.
(Velour pants are best.)

Simi runs to grab
these resting places -
before Miss Willow does!

And then Miss Willow
becomes a pillow too.

In Loving Memory of Simio
March 21, 2012 - May 11, 2020



Far from Awakening

Where does a glimmer
stepping on ahead
toward a fascination
Lie underneath my path?

How do I get past clues fracturing
The bones of one disregarded thing
after another

Dragging down cluttered dreams
that seem
Far from awakening
A defeat blanketing what remains